Band Ambassador – Lucky Soul

In an effort to put forward an argument for people to buy an album, a review can do wonders but it’s always going to be the music that ultimately determines whether or not you invest in a band’s output. As such “Band Ambassador”s are miniature posts regarding a band or album I’m currently enjoying, focusing primarily on one track from that band/record.

I’ve had quite a few albums on the go recently, each calling for repeat listens, just because they’re so good. Not only that, but they’ve had a simply excellent song on it which demonstrates exactly what the band are capable of at their peak. I’m going to share a couple, and the first is from Lucky Soul’s album, A Coming Of Age.

The whole album is great, and there’s a 4 track streak of exceptional quality, from which I could have picked any song and it would do a fine job of demonstrating their pop-song creativity. But the one that I keep returning to the most is Love3:

Love³ by Ruffa Lane Records

Its funny lyrics and old-school, up-tempo style work amazingly well together, and even though it’s only short, it feels like the perfect summer song. It has me singing and dancing along more than a grown, heterosexual man should want to admit, but it’s so good I don’t care.

Listen to the whole album here on Spotify, and I’m sure you’ll agree – perfect pop!