Band Ambassador – Yeasayer

In an effort to put forward an argument for people to buy an album, a review can do wonders but it’s always going to be the music that ultimately determines whether or not you invest in a band’s output. As such I’m launching “Band Ambassadors” – a miniature post regarding a band or album I’m currently enjoying, focusing primarily on one track from that band/record.

While there are usually many highlights and points of interest on a record, I never like sharing the best track from any album. It means anyone else who listens to it can get distracted waiting for, returning to, or skipping to that track and miss other excellent songs. So I tend to share one of my favourites, but not necessarily the best example of a band’s output when recommending music.

My first Band Ambassador is ‘I Remember’ for Yeasayer from their February release, Odd Blood. I’ve been listening to it almost solidly for a week now, and it’s already a contender for one of my albums of the year. While the whole album is incredible, anyone listening to the first track in order to gain an idea of what their music is like is going to be misled. While ‘The Children’ is a good track, it’s probably (and quite bizarrely) the weakest song on the album. ‘I Remember’ is a slower song than most of Odd Blood, but still excels in creating a glorious sound that envelops and infects you. It is presented here for you in spectacular Youtube-o-vision to a fan-made video. Try to ignore the irrelevant images that slideshow their way across the video and just listen to the song:

Hopefully you now have a much clearer idea of what sort of music Yeasayer make than one of my reviews would have given you. This is hopefully where Band Ambassadors will help – now you know whether or not you’re interested and if you want to investigate further. The choice and opinions are yours – if you’re intrigued and have Spotify installed, you can click here for the full album.